Impact 2020 Campaign

We hear it all the time: this place transforms people. Wayland is a family that welcomes, encourages and nurtures learners whether they are at the top of their class or need a little more attention. What started as a little Christian school on the high plains has been impacting lives for more than 100 years, both academically and spiritually.

But our story is not over. In order to continue this legacy and provide the best possible learning environments for our students, we must give attention to Wayland’s aging infrastructure. We love our stately columns, our old buildings and the history woven into them. But old buildings need lots of love.

The IMPACT 2020 campaign will focus attention on the urgent needs and prepare for a new generation of students both in Plainview and on our other campuses. We need to replace roofs, worn out plumbing, heating and air systems and revitalize dated labs and dorms to ensure quality living and learning environments for students. This $14 million effort will breathe new life into Wayland.

We want to honor the legacy of our founders, Dr. and Mrs. J.H. Wayland, as well as the leaders who have provided a firm foundation of faith and learning. But we also want to embrace the opportunity to impact the lives of even more students through the Wayland experience, sending them out to serve a world in need. Opportunities for growth are everywhere, and never has God’s world needed more the kind of students that Wayland graduates each year. Compassionate. Committed. Ready to make a difference. That’s Wayland.

But donors like you are the key. You give because you want to help students succeed and grow. You give to keep Wayland the warm family we’ve always been. You give to make sure those Christian principles remain intact. When you give, you give to make a difference — the Wayland difference. The chance to make a significant impact has never been greater!

Wayland Students and Impact 2020