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The Core Mission Fund supports every facet of Wayland, from undergraduate student research to special scholarships that support our main MISSION: to educate students in a Christian environment. Your gift matters! Your support of the Core Mission Fund allows Wayland to build a more robust framework that reinforces the CORE of the university and is the foundation for donor support at Wayland.




Did you know?

Many people are surprised to learn that Wayland receives less than 1% of its operating budget from churches.

Through their payment of tuition and fees, students contribute 79%. The remaining 20% comes from university investments and gifts from people like you.

You can see why giving to the Core Mission Fund is so important to our students. It:

  • provides institutional scholarships
  • enriches programs
  • maintains existing facilities
  • enhances technology

Your generosity makes a BIG difference in the lives of our students. We value your contributions as we work together to create a prosperous future for our students and our university. Just imagine if every alum gave $50 per year, the resulting $2.5 million would create life-changing opportunities for students! High participation rates in alumni giving inspire others to give and positively impact the university. Your gift, no matter the size is helping to increase the value our students success and the success of future graduates. 

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