Involvement Opportunities

Alumni Events

We’d love to connect with you at one of the following upcoming events:

August 23, 2018 – Alumni Dinner, Clovis.  Join us for dinner at Leal's in Clovis (Mabry location), hear updates from WBU and fellowship with Wayland friends. See the event page for full details!

• September 6, 2018 – Alumni Dinner, Phoenix Area.  Join us for dinner at Macayo's Kitchen in Glendale, hear updates from WBU and fellowship with Wayland friends. See the event page for full details!

• September 8, 2018 – Alumni Dinner, Tucson Area.  Join us for dinner at Mamma Louisa's in Tucson, hear updates from WBU and fellowship with Wayland friends. See the event page for full details!

 •  Oct. 26-27, 2018 – Plainview Homecoming. Honor classes of 1958, 1968, 1978, 1988, 1998 and 2008 will be featured during a fun weekend of reconnecting, reminiscing and time with the Wayland family. Click here to nominate someone for Distinguished Alumni Awards on all 13 campuses. Full details are available here.

For more details on all upcoming events, visit the Coming Events page.

Alumni Volunteering

You can give back to Wayland from wherever you live by helping in the following ways:

• We are seeking help in recruiting students for our Texas Department of Criminal Justice scholarship as well as our new scholarship for law enforcement officers throughout the nation. Could you hand-deliver some brochures to local law enforcement entities and put in a good word for a Wayland education? We’ll supply you with all you need and send a small gift as our thanks. If you have ties to TDCJ facilities and could do the same, we’d appreciate the help.

• We always need to recruit for our traditional home campus in Plainview and our online and external campuses. Could you work a table at an education fair in your area or perhaps hand out brochures and give a brief plug for Wayland in your church youth group or the church as a whole? Our students come from all over the nation (really the world!) so wherever you are is a perfect place to recruit. 

If you're interested in any of the above opportunities, email Teresa Young or call the Alumni Office at 806-291-3600.

Alumni Mentoring

Update: We are in the process of moving our mentoring program to a new platform and in the LinkedIn program. We will share more as it becomes available.

With your vast experience and broad exposure, we believe alumni like you can provide valuable advice for current students (or fellow alumni!) preparingPioneer Mentor Network logo for new careers and graduate Pioneer Military Network logoschool. According to a recent survey, our students are interested in this type of interaction, regardless of age or life stage. They want to know how to ease into new careers and prepare educationally for new roles.

Our new mentoring program, the Pioneer Mentor Network, provides an online platform that makes connections easy and low-commitment for both parties. PMN is easy to join and navigate and your expertise can be very helpful for fellow Pioneers. Another group, the Pioneer Military Network, offers the same opportunity with a special place for veterans and active-duty military to connect and support one another.

Connections can be one question or a series depending on the needs of both the mentor and the mentee. You can add keywords for areas of interest and expertise that you can bring to the table, so mentees are able to reach out to those with specific skills that match their career plans. Best of all, you're not signing up for a long-term relationship that you have to fit into your busy schedule!

Contact Teresa Young with questions.

 Alumni Chapters

In our efforts to grow the reach of the Office of Alumni Relations and meet alums where they live, we hope to start Wayland Alumni Chapters across the country. An Alumni Chapter can be organized from the basic desire of several former Wayland students who wish to join together in a geographic area or by a shared interest or participation.

There are only a few basic requirements for chapters: Have at least 10 alumni in the area; commit to meet at least twice annually, ideally with incorporation of the aspects of fellowship, sharing of current Wayland information and collective support for university initiatives; and have an appointed point person who keeps the group connected and is the liaison to the Office of Alumni Relations.

Currently we have Alumni Chapters developing in the following areas: North Dallas, Lubbock, Fort Worth Area and Midland. Contact us if you want to get something started in your area or help with a new group.