International Admission Requirements

Wayland has long enjoyed international students and the enhancements they
bring to our classrooms and campuses.

The laws for the admission and teaching of F-1 students have changed
significantly through the years. Today, F-1 students studying in the U. S. must
attend face-to-face classes. The law allows for the addition of a few online
classes, but most courses for F-1 students must be provided through in-person

While the university offers a wide variety of degrees, both Undergraduate and
Graduate, not all degrees are currently available at all of Wayland’s campuses
in the face-to-face format .

The traditional home campus in Plainview, Texas can provide face-to-face
instruction in many degrees. It is a very good campus for those seeking degrees
in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). F-1 students who
graduate with STEM degrees can qualify for work experiences after graduation
that extend beyond the usual F-1 post-grad experience.

The Wayland San Antonio campus is the only one that has a School of Nursing
and it provides face-to-face instruction in that program.


Before you apply to Wayland, it’s best to check with Wayland’s DSO to see if the degree you are seeking is offered at your campus of choice through in-person classes. The DSO is Debbie Stennett and she can be reached at



To be considered for admssion to Wayland, the documents noted below must be submitted. Some of the documents may not be relevant to your situation; please see the item descriptions below. ( No I-20 will be issued until a student is admitted to the university )



  • Submit your school records: Most applicants will need to have their school records evaluated for U.S. equivalency. (More information under School Record Evaluations)


  • Submit English Proficiency Scores: (More information under English Proficiency)


  • Complete, sign, and return Wayland's financial support documents


  • Provide a certified document showing that you can pay for your part of study and living at Wayland for the first year. (More information under Funding)


Notice: If your F-1 status has been terminated, you must seek legal counsel for reinstatement. You can be considered for admission at Wayland by providing proof that you have applied for reinstatement through an attorney, in addition to fulfilling all other Admission requirements.


School Record Evaluations:

If you are transferring to Wayland from a U.S. high school or from another U.S. college or university, an evaluation of your school records may not be necessary. Please contact the Wayland DSO for more information.

If you have not attended any U.S. high school or college, you must have your school records evaluated for U.S. equivalency. This includes advance-level records, transcripts, exit exam scores, and graduation certificates. The evaluation should be conducted by one of the agencies noted below:

World Education Services (WES) -
Request an ICAP Basic Document evaluation if you have only attended high school.
Request an ICAP Course-by-Course evaluation if you have attended college.

InCred Evaluation Services -
You must use InCred if you are expecting to participate in athletics at Wayland.
Request a Basic evaluation along with a Certified Add-On if you have only attended high school.
Request a Course-by-Course evaluation along with a Certified Add-On if you have attended college.

SpanTran Evaluation - SpanTran
Please order the Course Analysis Evaluation.


Evaluation agencies will require a translated copy of your records. You must pay for the evaluation and specify Wayland as the recipient of the evaluation and the translated copies of your school records.Do not send the records yourself to Wayland; they must be sent to the evaluation agency which will inform Wayland's international office when they can be downloaded.


English Proficiency:

Wayland does not offer ESOL classes or an intensive English program for those wishing to strengthen their English speaking and writing skills.

If English is not the native language of your country, you must provide  proof of your English skills before being accepted to Wayland.

Most English proficiency scores are valid for 2 years only; if your scores are older than that, you must take another exam.

English Proficiency tests approved by Wayland:



After you apply, Wayland's DSO will email financial estimates for your first year of living and study including any scholarships for which you are eligible. The estimates will include costs for tuition, fees, housing, meals, books, and required health insurance.

Please inform the DSO if you have dependents - children or spouse - who will be staying with you in the U.S.

Please inform the DSO if you will be receiving free room and board. Anyone who will be providing free room and board for you will be required to complete and sign an affidavit provided by Wayland's OlA.

Cost Estimates:

Federal regulations require that you provide certified and recent documents showing you can pay for your part of the expenses unless you are fully scholarshipped by the university.

The documents you should send are most generally bank statements. The statement must be on bank letterhead. It must be current, signed and dated by a bank official. The statement must clearly indicate the amount of money available to the student.

If your financial support includes all or some funds from the government or an agency, please have a letter sent on the agency's letterhead to us specifying the following information:

- The date of the letter
- Your name and date of birth
- The amount you will be provided
- The beginning and end dates for the funding
- The signature of the certifying officer