Fixed Tuition Plan

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What is the fixed tuition plan?

The Wayland Fixed Tuition Plan allows an incoming freshman to fix a single tuition rate for four years. The plan also includes the ability to fix the dorm rates at Davis, Owen, and Jimmy Dean Halls for that same four year period.  As an added benefit, after completing 30 semester hours of non-concurrent Wayland credit, students may request a 3-hour course to be taken at no tuition cost if requested prior to and taken during the next regular long semester.

Why is the fixed plan being offered?

Wayland is committed to attracting and retaining academically talented students who will thrive and contribute to our university community.  We strive to make the Wayland “experience” both available and financially attainable to as many students as possible.  We believe that the Wayland Fixed Tuition Plan, along with a generous financial aid program, provides families with financial assurance and flexibility when planning for college. The plan was put in place to ease the burden of tuition cost uncertainty.  Wayland is attempting to provide an option that takes the uncertainty out of tuition and housing costs for the long term.

Why might it be right for me?

The ultimate goals for the college experience are not only attaining your degree but also moving toward your dream. Many times students will lose sight of the larger goals in the midst of the daily struggle of the journey. The Fixed Tuition Plan might just be the necessary tool to reduce your financial stress, increase your academic motivation, and allow you to pursue your dream here at Wayland.

What are the benefits of the plan?


  • Cost stability and potential savings – In an era where some universities have had double digit tuition cost increases, the Fixed Tuition Plan can guarantee that your tuition rate will not increase over four years. When considering Wayland’s historical tuition and housing cost pattern, the Fixed Tuition Plan could reasonably save up to 4% of those total costs toward a degree. While these savings are not a guarantee, recent patterns suggest that the savings are likely.
  • Planning flexibility – Knowing the price of an education helps students and their families better plan and budget for the college journey. This ability to plan can also reduce the stress involved in the process.
  • Degree completion time – The Wayland Fixed Tuition Plan provides an incentive for students to earn a degree in a timely manner. Since the 4 years of eligibility is the maximum period that the benefit is awarded, finishing within that time period will ultimately reduce overall degree cost and move the student more quickly toward graduate school or career goals.

Wayland Fixed Tuition Plan Contract

Please fill out the Fixed Tuition Contract and return it to our business office. Fax, email, or mail form to the following:

Office of Student Financial Accounts

Business Office 
Wayland Baptist University

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CMB #1262
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Gates Hall 

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M-F 8:15AM-5PM

Phone: 806-291-3457
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