Other Scholarships and Grants

Athletic Scholarships

Athletic scholarships of varying amounts are offered by the head coach of each sport and are administered in accordance with a contract signed by the student-athlete and the coach. Unless otherwise stated in the contract, athletic scholarships are limited to tuition and require the student to maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA.

Local Church Grant

A $250 first-term grant is provided for every qualified full-time student, freshman Plainview campus student duly admitted from the membership of a church which budgets monthly or annual contributions to the University's operational budget. This grant is provided in the name of the student's home church. Scholarships are limited to University budget allocation.

Residence Hall Grant 

To recruit and assist students from regions beyond the local area, a $500 per term Residence Hall grant is awarded to eligible students from Hawaii, Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, San Antonio, Texas and Wichita Falls, Texas. To be eligible, the student must be recommended by the Wayland Center Director in the area or the Executive Director of the Baptist Convention of the state.

For consideration, the recommendation must accompany the Application for Admission. A recipient of this grant must be a full-time student residing in a Wayland dormitory. The award is for eight consecutive terms of full-time enrollment. To retain the grant, students must make satisfactory academic progress as outlined in the University catalog. 

Graduate Assistant Scholarship  

Scholarship applications must be renewed each academic year. Priority will be given to applications/renewals submitted one month before the beginning of the term for which aid is requested. The University reserves the right to revise or reconstruct this scholarship agreement at any time in accordance with the wishes of the donors. This scholarship is limited to the University budget allocation and Graduate students taking classes on the Plainview campus only.