A scholarship is an award of financial aid for students to further their education. Wayland Baptist University is fortunate to have a large number of endowed scholarships provided by donors, churches, alumni, and organizations loyal to Wayland.

With educational costs rising nationwide, many parents and prospective students believe private education is beyond reach. We strive to help our students receive the maximum aid available to them. Our main goal in offering financial aid for students is to help students attain their education goals, whatever they may be.


Academic Scholarships

As a means of encouraging and rewarding our country’s most productive students, Wayland proudly offers the scholarships based on merit to outstanding undergraduate students at the Plainview campus. The scholarships are offered through the admissions process based on cumulative GPA on final transcript or a student's scores from the ACT, SAT, or CLT college entrance examinations.


Academic School Scholarships

Each of Wayland's eight Academic Schools offer primarily need-based scholarships to students majoring in degree programs specific to each school.


Alumni Scholarships

Alumni Scholarships are available to students who have been referred to Wayland by an alumni.


Endowed and Memorial Scholarships

Endowed and Memorial Scholarships are scholarships that have been provided by donors, churches, alumni and organizations loyal to Wayland. These scholarships are primarily need-based and eligibility criteria varies for each scholarship.


Hispanic Christian Leadership Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to help outstanding young Hispanic students continue their education as they prepare for God's call on their life.


Law Enforcement and Corrections Scholarship

Wayland offers four scholarships to law enforcement and correction officers enrolled in any Wayland degree program, as well as spouses and dependents of active officers.


Ministerial Scholarships

Ministerial Scholarships are available for dependents of a full-time Baptist minister, missionary, denominational minister or staff minister in a Baptist congregation. Christian Leadership scholarships are available for Baptist church members who have excelled academically.


Other Scholarships and Grants

A variety of other scholarship and grant assistance is available for Wayland students.


Transfer Student Scholarships

Blue & Gold Scholarships are awarded to outstanding transfer students. These scholarships are based on cumulative transfer GPA and other criteria.