Endowed Scholarships

Endowed and Memorial Scholarships - Several hundred endowed and memorial scholarships with a variety of eligibility requirements are available through the University. To be considered for all possible endowed and memorial scholarships, complete the WBU Scholarship Application. Awards are made on the basis of student eligibility, financial need, and the availability of funding according to earnings on endowed investments restricted by donors and designated gifts to the University. All students who have been awarded an endowed or memorial scholarship(s) are required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 and remain enrolled full-time unless scholarship criteria states otherwise.

We strive to help our students receive the maximum aid available to them. We offer endowed scholarships based on a student's major field of study, residency, academics, or other specified criteria. We match students with scholarships to help them attain their educational goals.

Thank You Notes for Endowed Aid

In order to receive certain endowed scholarships you may be required to write a thank you note. If you receive an endowed scholarship that requires a thank you note, please email Amber McCloud at amber.mccloud@wbu.edu for information on how to complete your note.