Blue and Gold Scholarship

In its tradition of encouraging promising students, Wayland is proud to offer its Blue & Gold Scholarship to outstanding undergraduate students transferring college credit hours (12+ hours), not including hours earned while in high school, to a Wayland degree program at the Plainview campus.

The scholarship is renewable for eight consecutive 16-week terms (fall and spring only) less each term attended at another college before entering Wayland and applied to undergraduate block tuition for face-to-face or online courses. Full-time status (12 credit hours) is required to receive the scholarship. For renewal, the student’s GPA is evaluated at the close of each spring term and must meet the required cumulative for the level of Blue & Gold Scholarship awarded. The Blue & Gold Scholarship is awarded to the extent of university budget allocations and eligible students will receive consideration in the order of the date on which they are admitted to the University.

Loss of Scholarship Eligibility

Students become ineligible for the Blue & Gold Scholarship by dropping below GPA requirements or by running out of eligible terms. Students are notified by email of the suspension of their scholarship for the future academic year after grades are posted for the spring term. After completion of the fall term, students with qualifying GPA will have their original scholarship reinstated. In addition to future terms, scholarships will be paid retroactively for the fall term with approved reinstatement. Scholarships will not be extended beyond the maximum of eight terms for any reason. 

Part-Time Provisions

Students who are not attending full-time (12 credit hours) will not be eligible for the Blue & Gold Scholarship during that term. Exception will be made for students in their last term at Wayland, who do not require full-time enrollment to complete their degree requirements. Other exceptions (e.g., disability) will be considered on a case by case basis. Requests should be directed in writing to the Office of Financial Aid. Scholarships may be prorated based on actual tuition charges for the term.