Apply For Financial Aid

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Applying for financial aid doesn't have to be stressful. Anyone can and is encouraged to apply for aid, regardless of income; and most of the forms you'll need are available online. Here's how to navigate the process.

1.   Apply for admission to Wayland Baptist University (WBU). If you haven't already been admitted as a student, start your application today.
2.  Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, known as the FAFSA. The school code for WBU is 003663. You will need to provide information about your income and assets. Apply early! It is encouraged that your FAFSA be received by the established recommended application dates for the 16 week semesters or the 11 week terms:
          •  If you plan to enroll for the fall term, June 1.
          •  If you plan to enroll for the winter term, September 1.
          •  If you plan to enroll for the spring term, November 1.
          •  If you plan to enroll for the summer term, April 1.

We recommend submitting a FAFSA to WBU even if you have yet to apply or be admitted. This way, we will begin the process of reviewing your financial aid application without delay and give you an initial award notification. Disbursements, however, will not take place for any given term until you have been fully admitted.

3.   After the initial review, WBU will use guidance from the Department of Education to determine whether you need to submit additional information in order for us to assess your application further. This is also known as verification. WBU will contact you directly through email to notify you if additional information is needed.

NetPartner, the student financial aid portal, will allow you to see what documents are received or are still needed for your file.  It is encouraged that you check NetPartner frequently to stay on top of your requirements and submit any requested information promptly. Once your file is completed and you have been notified of an official award, you can review your award package on the “Accept Awards” page in NetPartner.

You can apply for financial aid at any time during the academic year and the application will be processed.  The recommended dates of application will allow time for submission of additional documentation should your file be elected for verification by the Department of Education.