Here you will find online workshops that discuss the structure of writing, grammar rules, formatting, professional development, and tips from the MTS staff.   


Structured Writing

The Basic College Essay

Three Tips to Simplify the Essay Process  Simplify the process of writing an essay by understanding its structure. 

College Essay Handout
Introductions & Conclusions  

Introduction and Conclusion Paragraph Walk ThroughHere are a few tips to help write a strong introduction and conclusion paragraph.

Introductions and Conclusions
How to Effectively Use Sources

Tips on Using Sources in Your Paper Effectively using sources in writing helps solidify your point and strengthen your essay.  




Run on Sentences

Run-On Sentences       A run on sentence is where two complete clauses are connected without adequate punctuation.

Comma Splices

Comma Splices           A comma splice is a type of run on sentence that connects two complete clauses with a comma. 

Transitional Expressions

Transitional ExpressionsTransitional expressions can be a single word or short phrase followed by a comma to lead into the sentence. 

Passive Voice 

Passive Voice  The road was crossed by the chicken? In writing, you want to strive for an active voice where the subject is doing the action. Passive voice is where the subject comes after the verb. 



How to Create a Hanging Indent 

Hanging IndentHanging indents are used in the references section of an essay. Each citation is indented on every line but the first. Word has an easy feature to make this happen!

Converting Google and Word Documents 

Converting Google Docs and Microsoft Word DocumentsConverting Google Docs into a Word document is an easy process! 

 Step-by-Step walk through to convert documents




Professional Development

Resume Workshop:

Resume Workshop

Resume Workshop:

Alumni Resume Workshop

 Professional Correspondence


Quick Email Workshop



Writing Tips from the MWC Staff 

Writing Research Papers

Research Workshop: Christine's Process