Faculty Services

The Multidisciplinary Tutorial Services wants to maintain a close working relationship with WBU faculty members to ensure Wayland students receive the best tutoring possible. We always have time to address faculty concerns or questions so please call (806-291-3670), email, or drop in for a visit.

Please feel free to share MTS contact information and website information in your syllabus and/or online classes.

Contact Dr. Lynn or LeeAnn Abram about the following:

Providing tutor recommendations

Scheduling classroom visitations and/or tours

Requesting information about student visits to the MTS

Sharing assignment and grading rubrics with MTS staff

Recommending and/or assisting with new MTS resources and workshops


Faculty Experience


Dr. Rebekah Crowe

Associate Professor of History/MAH Program Coordinator

Sponsor, Texas Alpha Eta Chapter of Alpha Chi National College Honor Society

Dr. Crowe

I send every class I teach, regardless of campus location or classification, through the MTS.  They have become very familiar with my assignments and preferences, which makes for a much more efficient experience for me and my students. Dr. Lynn and Ms. Lockridge are prompt in their communications and specific in their requests for information; they also encourage the tutors to reach out to me with questions about my instructions and intentions. The MTS just produced two Turabian workshops for the History Department.  They kept me in the loop every step of the way and I am very excited to begin assigning them in class!



Dr. Erin Heath 

Associate Professor English 

School of Languages & Literature 

The Multidisciplinary Tutorial Services is a great resource, because it helps me provide more support for those students who need just a bit of extra help. They have great peer tutors that help students feel comfortable, and they are good at tailoring the advice to my specific assignments. I encourage students to use their services when they’ve missed peer reviews or when they need a little extra credit. Everyone there is super helpful at providing names of students who participate in events or come to tutoring.