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Mission & Staff

“An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.”
Proverbs 18:15


 Mission Statement 

Our mission is to offer peer (student-to-student) tutoring (with faculty oversight) across the Wayland curriculum in an inclusive environment and at no cost to students. Our services therefore are dedicated to accomplishing the following:

• Helping students achieve academic and professional success in the classroom and beyond
• Aiding student learning in discipline-specific contexts across the curriculum
• Supplying students with knowledge and skills for career readiness
• Training students to work collaboratively with a diversity of students in a faith-based environment
• Making available academic and professional workshops and resources

The Multidisciplinary Tutorial Services believes that competent, collegiate-level tutoring is important for the Wayland community to become more academically, professionally, and spiritually sound.




The Multidisciplinary Tutorial Services and staff strive to meet the learning needs for all of Wayland's students. Located on the Plainview campus, all tutors are outstanding students recommended by professors to tutor in their areas of study.

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Dr. Brent Lynn: MTS Director

Office: 806-291-3672 | Email: lynnb@wbu.edu

Dr. Lynn

Dr. Brent Lynn received an M.A. in Classics and a Ph.D. in English from Texas Tech University. For over 25 years, he has taught various Latin and English classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels. He has been directing Wayland’s Writing Center for the last 15 years, and as of 2020, he began directing all of Wayland’s Tutorial Services. Ongoing projects include improving virtual tutoring and resources across the Wayland curriculum as well as studying the trends of grammar and rhetoric in student writing.



LeeAnn Abram: MTS Assistant 

Office: 806-291-3673 | Email: abraml@wbu.edu

website-image.jpg LeeAnn is the Academic Assistant to the Multidisciplinary Tutorial Services and the WBU School of Languages and Literature. She has a BA in English with focus on Professional Writing, as well as a specialization in Education (4-8). LeeAnn worked as a tutor beginning in 2019 before becoming an assistant. LeeAnn has a passion for encouraging students to discover their strengths and capabilities as they strive to complete their own educational journies, from grade school through university.






Andrew: MTS History, Writing, & Resume Tutor

Hailing from Oregon, Andrew graduated from Portland State University with both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in History. Following graduation, he spent six years total teaching English in both South Korea and Vietnam. During his time in Asia he visited nine countries. Andrew moved to Texas in 2021 and joined the staff at Wayland in September 2023. He is a “life-long learner” and an aspiring author. During his free time, he enjoys composing and recording music, making short films, biking, hiking and traveling. He is primarily a writing tutor but is happy to help with history as well.


 Fany: MTS Writing and Resume Tutor


Fany Smith is from Nicaragua, and she is a native Spanish speaker. She earned her undergraduate degree in Management & Marketing and her MBA with a specialization in Management from Wayland Baptist University. Currently, she is pursuing a Master in Education from Wayland Baptist University. She has experience teaching Management courses to undergraduate university students and teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in all levels including Business English and TOEFL. Fany will be glad to assist you.




Manu: MTS Math, Computer Science, & Resume Tutor



I’m Manu, an international student from Cameroon, Africa. I play basketball here at Wayland. I am a junior majoring in Computer Science. I tutor in math, computer application, and resumes. 


Santiago: MTS Spanish, Accounting, Quantitative Decision-Making, Business, & Resume Tutor


My name is Santiago Hernandez Riaño. I am an international student from Bogota, Colombia who plays soccer at Wayland Baptist University. My first language is Spanish, and my second language is English. Right now, I am doing my master's program in Business Administration, Management Information Systems Specialization. Also, I am a member of the Enactus team at Wayland. My hobbies are Playing soccer, watching movies, playing board games, Ping pong, and practicing different sports. I am the RHS in Jimmy Dean Hall and now I am part of Tutoring and Services on the Title V. My goals for this year and my future are to be able to graduate from my master's program, be part of the Rotaract club, and grow as a person and professional with a good job in the United States. My biggest achievement is to be able to help all those people that need my help.


Melissa: MTS Spanish, Management, Psychology, & Resume Tutor


Hey there!

I'm Melissa! I'm a grad student from Colombia currently pursuing my Master's in Human Resources. As a psychologist and international student, I've always been passionate about helping others learn and grow. I'm wildly enthusiastic about recruiting and talent acquisition.

Every student has unique needs and learning styles when it comes to tutoring, and I tailor my approach accordingly. I'm bilingual and specialize in resume building, Spanish, and psychology. Let's work together to help you achieve your goals!



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