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Our staff includes a full-time director, a full-time assistant, and several part-time student tutors, as well as guest faculty tutors. Our knowledgeable staff is highly qualified to assist you in improving your writing skills.

Brent Lynn, PhD.

Multidisciplinary Writing Center Director

Associate Professor, Latin & English, School of Languages & Literature




Brent Lynn, PhD., associate professor of Latin and English in the School of Languages and Literature at Wayland, is director of the Multidisciplinary Writing Center . Lynn was an instructor of English and Latin at Texas Tech University before becoming a full-time faculty member at Wayland. He divides his time between managing the Multidisciplinary Writing Center , teaching, and serving on faculty committees.

Dr. Lynn’s academic credentials include a Ph.D. in English (Texas Tech University, 2007), an M.A. in Classics (Texas Tech University, 1998), and a B.A. in History (Baylor University, 1994).

Lynn assisted in launching the Multidisciplinary Writing Center at Wayland and has continued to develop it for the last eight years. Developments include facilitating online tutoring for all of Wayland’s external campuses across the country, presenting writing workshops to students, faculty, and staff, introducing multimedia resources on the center’s website, and assisting students in completing thank-you notes for endowed scholarships.

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