Student Organizations


Meaning “one who is sent out,” Apostolos consists of students whose purpose is mission. Apostolos desires to meet the needs of the community on and off campus by focusing on a one-on-one mentoring program with students from Plainview High School, Plainview Christian High School, and Hale Center High School. Members meet twice a week with their “little brothers and little sisters” to encourage, listen, tutor, play games, and hang out. Through these interactions, Wayland’s “big brothers and big sisters” gain skills needed for ministering to youth at risk.


Meaning service or ministry, Diakonia is a partnership with the Chaplain’s Office of the Wheeler and Formby Prison Units in Plainview, Texas. Student members of Diakonia lead worship services and discipleship classes for offenders housed in these units. Family ministries are also provided through special planned events, including the “Day with Dad.”


Meaning “proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ,” Kerygma has ministered to the Barrio and Frisco Heights neighborhoods of east Plainview since 2012. Students in Kerygma share the good news of Christ with local residents through home Bible studies and collaborations with local churches. The group plans special events throughout the semester to meet both physical and spiritual needs of the community.

Theta Alpha Kappa

Founded in 1976, Theta Alpha Kappa is an honors organization dedicated to recognizing excellence in students in the fields of Theology and Religious Studies.