A Modern Macedonian Call

A Partnership Between the Kenya Baptist Convention and Wayland Baptist University

Kenya is one of the most fertile mission fields on earth. According to Kenya Baptist Convention President Elijah Wanje, there are more than 3,000 Baptist Churches in Kenya, but only 300 have trained ministers. In addition, Kenya Baptists start about 100 new churches each year, few of which have trained leaders. Clearly, the greatest need faced by Kenya Baptists is to train new leaders. Quality leadership is required to nurture and disciple members of these congregations so they can be the spiritual foundation of the Church in Kenya.

Kenya's crisis of a profound shortage of trained ministers is felt most deeply by the leadership of the Kenya Baptist Theological College (KBTC). College founder Dr. Vance Kirkpatrick bluntly declares: "KBTC is a critical stage-we must begin degree level studies!" He cites the following as reasons why Christian college education needs to be offered in Kenya:

 • Many who go to America for studies do not return

 • Discipleship, Evangelism must be done within the African Culture and theological perspective

 • African students rarely have opportunity or resources for leadership training of this quality.

Because of government regulations, Kenyan Baptists must have assistance from an accredited American university to offer a college level degree. Responding to their request, Wayland Baptist University entered into a partnership agreement to provide college level studies for ministry students at Kenya Baptist Theological College. In 2012, Wayland and KBTC dissolved the partnership and Wayland entered into a new agreement with Moffat Bible College to offer degrees to students in Kenya.

Kenyan students are giving all they possibly can, but they need your help. Only with scholarships will Kenyan ministry students be able to afford the training they desperately need.

We remember the Apostle Paul's response when he received a call to go to Macedonia.  He accepted the call and God used him to begin the most successful churches of his entire ministry (Phil. 1 & 2, 2 Cor. 8).  Now we have the opportunity to be a part of a new "Macedonian Call" - one which will enable many missionaries to evangelize and minister in the world's most fertile field, Kenya.

Find out more about this wonderful opportunity and how you can participate in the following pages.

Call to Kenya and Wayland's Response