Wayland Mission Center

The Wayland Mission Center, in partnership with Baptist churches, associations, agencies, conventions, the global Baptist community, and the greater faith community, serves as a rallying point to encourage, educate, empower, equip, and inspire students and West Texas churches to be the presence of Christ throughout the world.

This vision statement of the Wayland Mission Center, adopted on October 15, 2009, articulates the purpose and motivation of this movement. The seven goals for the WMC are:

  • Offer multiple short-term global mission opportunities to students and other mission volunteers.
  • Promote the creation of a facility specifically designated as the Wayland Mission Center.
  • Establish a web presence for informational and educational purposes.
  • Develop an identity as a missions-sending university.
  • Increase student involvement in missions by 10%.
  • Work to increase funding and an endowment for WMC.
  • Identify, recruit, establish, and nurture collaborative missional relationships.