Simulation & Clinical

The School of Nursing is located in Live Oak, Texas, which is right outside of San Antonio.  The facility houses classrooms, a computer lab, and both low and high-fidelity simulation labs where students can learn and practice the necessary skill sets.


Lab & Simulation Center

First-term students will learn basic skills in the low-fidelity lab that feels like a real hospital with eleven beds and four mannequins. As students progress through the program, they will gain access to the intermediate skills lab where they will care for a “patient” by interacting with human-like mannequins.

The Live Oak campus also offers high-fidelity simulation labs that consist of four patient rooms with fully responsive mannequins--two adults, a pediatric patient, and a birthing mother with a newborn infant. These labs allow students to interact with “patients” and practice guided and unguided procedures, such as lab draws, urinary catheterization, and wound care.


Clinical Partners

As the faculty of the School of Nursing believe that the educational process is a shared responsibility between students and faculty, collaboration with our partners within the community is essential for success.  The School of Nursing’s vision is to cultivate and maintain strategic relationships within Wayland’s institution and grow our relationships in our community.  Ultimately, the School of Nursing’s obligation is to serve as a beacon of excellence in education and nursing.

As such, the School of Nursing values our current clinical partners and consistently seeks out new and unique opportunities for student experience and community service.

Current Clinical Partners

  • Methodist Healthcare
  • Christus Health
  • Baptist Health System
  • University Health
  • Catholic Charities
  • Sunshine Cottage
  • VA
  • Comal ISD
  • Hope Hospice
  • MAC Communicare
  • Volunteers in Medicine
  • Laurel Ridge
  • New Braunfels Rehab
  • San Antonio Behavioral Health Hospital  
  • PAM Specialty Hospital
  • Warm Springs Medical Center
  • Warm Springs Northeast San Antonio
  • Regent Care
  • CIMA Hospice
  • Kind SA
  • Nurse Family Partnership
  • Comal County Jail 
  • SA Foodbank: 
  • Avionn Home Health

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