A proud member of the Texas Association of Schools of Music, the School of Music at Wayland Baptist University adopted the following Code of Ethics on March 27, 2000:

Recognizing the importance of and the desire to maintain music's integral role in the structure of higher education, we declare as our purpose the improvement of the musical and ethical standards of the Texas schools and departments of music.

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following code of ethics be adopted and practiced so that consistency and mutual understanding may prevail among the member schools.


The member school shall not solicit students enrolled in other college or university schools or departments of music (This does not apply to solicitation of students in their second year of study in two-year colleges).


The member school shall adhere strictly to the published catalog requirements.


A transferring student who has not completed a degree program may apply for and be eligible to receive financial aid administered by the music unit during the first term of enrollment in the new institution only if the music executive of the school from which the student is transferring gives written approval. Two-year college transfers are exempt from this regulation after completing a two-year program of study or that portion of a parallel university curriculum offered at the two-year college.


The membership recognizes that a student is a "free agent" until enrolled at an institution. However, the acceptance of financial aid from the music unit of an institution imposes an obligation upon a student to attend that institution. This obligation may be realized by the individual by requesting that they complete a written declaration of their intent to attend that institution. It is recommended that the following format be incorporated in making any offer of financial aid.

"In accepting this offer of financial aid from Wayland, I understand that there is a mutual commitment on the part of myself and the institution. Therefore, I understand it is my responsibility to notify Wayland if I accept any other offers prior to May 1 of the calendar year of matriculation. Further, I understand that after May 1, unless I notify Wayland, otherwise, my acceptance of this offer will be binding and I will not consider any other offer from an institutional member of the Texas Association of Music Schools for the academic year 2015-16 except with the express written consent of the music executive of Wayland Baptist University."*

*Adapted from the National Association of Schools of Music Code of Ethics

The School of Music at Wayland Baptist University is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music.