Mathematics Major with Engineering or Computer Science, Minor

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The Mathematics major with an Engineering or Computer Science minor is available at the following locations:

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Wayland offers a unique dual-degree program through which students can earn a degree in mathematics and either engineering or computer science. Students spend three years at Wayland taking mathematics, science and core requirements, then transfer to either West Texas A&M University or Texas Tech University where they can specialize in engineering or computer science. Through this program, students earn two degrees as opposed to the single-degree programs offered at the individual universities.

This five-year program has proven beneficial to graduates who have been able to progress more quickly in their career path due to the multiple degrees with a liberal arts background.

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The Mathematics major with a minor in Engineering or Computer Science requires students to complete their core and Mathematics courses at Wayland, then complete their Engineering or Computer Science courses at West Texas A&M or Texas Tech University.

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The School of Math & Science has a highly qualified and experienced faculty.

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