Environmental Studies, B.A.S.

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The Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Studies is available at the following locations:

About this Program

Enter a rapidly-growing, cross-disciplinary field in need of well-qualified graduates. Wayland’s environmental studies degree enables students to combat environmental threats facing this generation and future generations. Students focus their studies on factors such as hazardous behaviors and materials, regulations, and creation care.

Those holding a degree in environmental studies are well equipped for careers in state and federal government policy and research, criminal justice, and green technologies. This degree involves study of a variety of sciences.

The environmental studies program is available as a specialization within the Bachelor of Applied Science degree. Students can earn up to 12 credit hours for qualified work experience when seeking the B.A.S. degree, with additional credit possible for specialized training.


A Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Environmental Science requires 124 course hours. The major requires 36 hours, of which at least 22 hours are upper level.

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Courses include Biology, Geology, Chemistry, and Environmental Sciences.