Environmental Science, Minor

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An environmental science minor can prepare students for exciting careers dealing with chemical safety procedures, hazardous material removal and other serious environmental challenges.

The environmental science minor is strongly enriched by Wayland’s faith-based dedication to responsible stewardship of earth’s natural resources and guarantees a personalized, hands-on learning experience.

Earning this minor requires 21 credit hours of study within the field, 13 of which must be upper level, involving the study of biology, chemistry, geology, and environmental science courses.


A minor in Environmental Science requires 21 course hours, of which 13 hours are upper level.

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The School of Math & Science has a highly qualified and experienced faculty.

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Organizations - Texas Academy of Science

  • TAS -- Texas Academy of Science
  • Promotes research and scholarly activities among students.
  • Hosts an annual statewide meeting for active, university chapters.
  • Encourages conservation and wildlife preservation through partnerships with local agencies.