Pre-Physical Therapy Program

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About this Program

Wayland’s pre-physical therapy program develops skillsets students need for graduate level studies in physical therapy schools.

To prepare students for a graduate degree in physical therapy, Wayland provides hands-on, experiential learning through a broadly based academic program with a strong emphasis in the physical and biological sciences and mathematics.

The pre-physical therapy program ensures that Wayland students are among the most competitive and successful in gaining acceptance to professional schools. For some professional health programs, students must complete a bachelor’s degree in biology prior to applying, while others require only specific courses. Prerequisites for Physical Therapy Schools in Texas.

Students attending Wayland that are interested in applying for Physical Therapy graduate schools should contact Dr. Andrew Kasner for advising. It is recommended that students major in Biology and maintain an overall 3.5 GPA (with a 3.2 GPA in prerequisites) in order to be competitive. Students should also plan to take the GRE in the fall of their graduating year and work or volunteer in a physical therapy clinic.

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