Pre-Nursing Program

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The Pre-Nursing program is available at the following locations:

About this Program

The pre-nursing program helps students prepare a base knowledge in health practices and procedures. Prerequisites for Nursing Schools in Texas.

Wayland is invested in helping each student accomplish their individualized goals. Students pursuing a degree in nursing can choose between 2 different paths while attending Wayland. 

  • “2+2” option Students can complete all of their prerequisites for nursing at Wayland on the Plainview Campus in 2 years and then apply to a nursing program for the remaining 2 years. This option is good for students that have clearly decided on nursing as their profession and want to finish in four years rather than five.
  • Post-Baccalaureate option Students complete their degree at Wayland and then apply to an accelerated BSN program for one more year of study. This option is good for students that think they may want to pursue other careers (e.g., Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, etc.).

Students interested in the pre-nursing track at the Plainview Campus should contact Dr. Sophia Pereira for advising. It is recommended that students major in Biology, maintain a GPA of 3.0 (overall and in science classes), and work or volunteer in a medical clinic/hospital.

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  • TAS -- Texas Academy of Science
  • WBU proudly boasts an active chapter of TAS, the Texas Academy of Science; an organization which promotes research and scholarly activity by hosting an annual statewide meeting for active chapters, and also encourages conservation and wildlife preservation through partnerships with local agencies.
  • SNO--Student Nursing Organization
  • SNO aims to provide support to nursing students, to reach outside organizations in order to increase the WBU nursing program to local exposure, and to support the community.