Wayland’s School of Languages and Literature has been tremendously blessed by the generosity of the university’s donors. As a result, the school is able to supplement the cost of a WBU education for numerous English and Spanish majors and minors each year.

Students may apply for scholarship aid each semester; funds are awarded by the School of Languages and Literature based on student need and qualifications met.

The following scholarships are available to English and Spanish majors every year, ranging in amounts of $500 - $3,400 each semester: 

Peyton and Ola Barrington
Dr. Don and Mrs. Lannie Cook
Dorothy Watters Jamar
Mang Pew Lee
Dr. Sherman Brown Neff
William J. and Patricia H. O’Connell
Frances W. Bass Redinger
Roberta Wright Reeves
Christa Kunkel Smith
Rev. and Mrs. B.H. Warren Memorial
Zaphryn Memorial

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