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Embers is an award-nominated publication produced by Wayland's School of Languages and Literature. Available in both digital and print, it features the writings, art, and music of Wayland students, alumni, staff, and faculty.

Sparks is a digital companion to Embers and is devoted entirely to the publication of work submitted by high school students. 


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The literary and arts magazine of Wayland Baptist University.

Embers '24 has arrived!


Current Issue

The 2024 Issue of Embers is currently available in print for purchase. 


Purchase Embers 2022 in Print

Embers 2023 will be available for open-access digital view in the summer of 2024. 



Purchase a Print Copy of Embers

To purchase a print copy of the current issue of Embers, or any previous year, contact:

Dr. Karen Beth Strovas
Gates Hall 202A



Supporting the fine arts and encouraging the creative young minds on the South Plains and beyond.

Current Issue




View a digital copy of the 2022 Sparks Magazine.

 Sparks Magazine 2022


Submit Your Work to Sparks

Submit your work to Sparks for the 2024 issue.

Submissions due Friday, December 6, 2024

Before filing out the form, view the submission guidelines.


Submission Guidelines

Only works created and submitted by current high school students will be considered for publication. We reserve the right to reject any submissions that contain foul, discriminatory, or sexual language, references to illegal drugs, graphic violence, or other age-inappropriate content.

Submission Categories

Categorize your submission using one of the following terms:

  • Creative Writing
  • Art
  • Photography
  • Music

Submission Genre/Medium

Students can describe the Genre and Medium of their submission as they wish. The following are suggestions based on Category:

  • Creative Writing - poetry, short fiction, drama, flash fiction, creative nonfiction or essay
  • Art - sculpture, piñata, jewelry, watercolor, acrylic, ink
  • Music - score, lead sheet, lyrics

Submission Content Parameters

  • Creative Writing:
    • Poetry - no longer than 35 lines.
    • All other writing - no longer than 2,000 words.
    • English, Spanish, and bilingual pieces are permitted.
  • Music: No longer than 5 pages.

Submission File Types

  • Creative Writing - .doc, .docx
  • Art & Photography - .jpg (Minimum resolution: 200 and minimum dimensions: 3.5”
    x 5”. For professionalism, please take pictures straight on rather than at an angle.)
  • Music - .pdf


We reserve the right to edit the formatting of all written submissions according to the standard style of the publication. Standard formatting is typically 12 pt. Garamond font and left-aligned. We will make every reasonable effort to maintain original line breaks for accepted poetry submissions, but if a line physically cannot fit across the page and spills over to another line of text, it will be indented to indicate a continuation. We also reserve the right to crop photo submissions that do not conform to standard dimensions to fit the publication page size only when doing so does not compromise the artistic integrity of the piece.