Dr. Deborah Kuhlmann

Dr. Deborah Kuhlmann

Professor of English
1900 W. 7th Street CMB 1300
Plainview, TX 79072
Office: 806-291-1100
FAX: 806-291-1987
Gates Hall Room 201
Email: kuhlmannd@wbu.edu



Deborah J. Kuhlmann, Ph.D., joined Wayland in 2009 and continues to be a Professor of English in the School of Languages and Literature, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in writing and literature online. Her home is Texas, but she and her husband, Robert Johnson, have travelled the world, and she is an advocate of international education. She has years of experience in teaching both face to face as well as cyber classes. To be able to offer quality online education in today's world is a tremendous benefit and advantage for students, and she is excited to be part of that experience for them.

Before coming to Wayland, Kuhlmann taught full-time for many years at community college, followed by university positions at both public and private institutions. The sabbatical she took to teach at Egerton University in Kenya as well as three summers teaching aboard the Texas Clipper, Texas A & M University’s College-on-the-Sea, are examples of her commitment to international education.

Kuhlmann completed her Ph.D. in English at Texas Christian University in 1985. Other previous degrees she holds include the M.A. from the University of Arkansas and a B.A. from Texas Christian University.

She has presented several dozen conference papers and published over one dozen articles, including reference materials on topics in both British and American literature and in both African American and women’s literature. Her research interests gravitate toward epiphanies and epistemological themes in fiction as well as poetry.

Her professional service has included an exceptional service award at a previous institution, a nomination for the Faculty Contribution to the Profession Award at Wayland, and recently she served on the executive council for the Conference of College Teachers of English for three years. Professional memberships have included Conference of College Teachers of English, Modern Language Association, College English Association, and National Council of Teachers of English.

Her non-academic interests include spending time with her husband Robert and cat Jabo; reading both fiction and non-fiction; attending services at more than one church community; seeing films, theater, sometimes opera and art museums; traveling, gardening, and practicing yoga.