Study Tours

Studying in China

Go to China on a three-week study tour with Dr. Yahui Zhang. Experience the richness of Chinese culture and the novelty of studying outside of the United States.

Participants will study at Dr. Zhang’s alma mater, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, and have ample opportunity to interact with other students in the Chinese culture and practice the language; however, you do not have to speak Mandarin in order to go! Students may earn credit for a three-hour course during a micro-term class in May.

The China study tour may rotate which class is offered yearly; look for information regarding the tour or contact the Fine Arts main office for trip details.

Studying in New Mexico

Go to Tucumcari, New Mexico with Professor Mark Hillard’s iron pour class. Take a class tour to Santa Fe with Dr. Candace Keller, or participate in the Sacramento Mountain Theatre Collaboration with Dr. Marti Runnels and a select cast.

The yearly Tucumcari tour is a collaboration with the local community college where students spend a week discovering how to pour iron in conjunction with a three-credit-hour class from Wayland.

Santa Fe offers an art experience for two-dimensional and three-dimensional art students. Learn about critiquing technique and style with Dr. Keller within the culture and atmosphere of beautiful Santa Fe and enjoy distinguished galleries featuring exemplary artists.

The Sacramento Mountain Theatre Collaborative, featured in Ruidoso, allows students to have an interaction in a professional setting with a professional guild in the Ruidoso community. Taking place over 18-20 days, students split their time between Plainview and Ruidoso. During the rehearsal and preparation process, students may fulfill requirements for various one-hour courses within the School of Fine Arts.