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A Bachelor of Arts in Theatre is available at the following locations:

About this Program

A theatre degree at Wayland offers students a wide variety of educational and vocational opportunities. Theatre students can look forward to immediate hands-on learning within the theatre department, delving into all areas of the production processes.

As they learn, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs and performances hosted by the School of Fine Arts, presented for both the student body and the community.

A bachelor in theatre requires 33 credit hours of study, 24 hours of which must be taken as upper-level courses, as well as the core courses required by the university.

Students develop practical skills for the professional theatre community through exposure to a diverse range of courses, such as Acting I, II, and III, Scene Design, Costumes and Makeup, Lighting, and Directing.

Wayland’s theatre school also offers practical experience to students in all aspects of theatrical production.


A Bachelor of Arts in Theatre requires 124 semester hours.  33 of those hours are required theatre courses.  

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The School of Fine Arts has a highly qualified and experienced faculty.  

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Organizations - Alpha Psi Omega

  • Alpha Psi Omega is the national dramatic honors society which encourages student participation and excellence in theatre.
  • Entry into Wayland’s Kappa Omega chapter requires a minimum GPA of 2.5, and a 3.0 in theatre courses, along with participation in theatre performances.


  • Art, Drama Teachers – Secondary Education
  • Arts Management
  • Designer
  • Entertainment Construction and Lighting
  • Performer
  • Playwright
  • Public Relations
  • Stage Manager
  • Theatre Consultant

School of Fine Arts Events

October 22, 2020

Board of Trustees Meeting

Board of Trustees meeting.Committee meetings at various locations on the Plainview Campus
8am - 5pm, Plainview Campus

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