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Communication (grades 6-12), B.A. - Secondary Education is available at the following locations:

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The secondary education degree in communications is an interdisciplinary program that requires communications majors to study in both the School of Education and the School of Fine Arts. Completion of the program leads to a Texas state teaching certification to teach communications classes in the 6th through 12th grades.

The bachelor of arts in communications degree program provides students opportunities to gain experience from tutoring or assistant teaching, as well as extensive training through field-based observation. To best prepare for a career in the classroom, communications majors in the School of Education often prepare and deliver unit presentations in class.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the communications education program, communications majors enhance their learning experience through membership in the School of Education student organizations, or through participation in an extracurricular activity like the School of Fine Arts’ speech and debate team.     

Students in the communications degree program will complete 42 hours of upper-level study compiled from professional education courses like Classroom Management and field-specific communications classes, such as Interpretation and Performance of Literature, Public Speaking, and Communication in Small Groups.


A Secondary Education Degree for Communications requires 124 semester hours.  37 hours of communication courses must be completed as well as a state certification test before student teaching. 

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The School of Fine Arts has a highly qualified and experienced faculty.

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  • The Speech and Debate Team provides opportunities for students to compete in both individual events and parliamentary debate.
  • In addition to the team’s competitive focus, students will also have service learning opportunities to work with the regional high school speech and debate community as critics, coaches, and mentors.
  • Previous experience in high school is always appreciated but not at all necessary. 
  • Kappa Delta Pi is an active chapter of the national honor society for education students.
  • Students take part in events such as workshops and conferences, books sales, and have access to grants and scholarships through the society.
  • To qualify, students must maintain a 3.0 GPA and be an education major.


  • Secondary Teacher
  • Public Relations for Non-Profit
  • Public Relations for Corporate Company
  • Communication Analyst
  • Communication Services
  • Communication Trainer

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