Media Communications Specialist, B.A.

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At Wayland, a Media Communications degree opens a world of opportunities to students wishing to enter the fields of television, radio broadcasting, print journalism, and more.

With small class sizes, media majors receive personal attention and direction from knowledgeable professors who have a passion for their fields and their students. Courses in media studies expose students to the various aspects of communication, and what they will experience in the television, radio, newspaper, and advertising.

As they pursue a degree, media majors receive hands-on experience through Wayland’s on-campus television and radio stations, plus the student-led newspaper, and live-streaming programs.

A Media Communications degree requires 36 semester hours of study, plus the core courses required by the university. Media majors can expect exciting classes that prepare them for a career in media.


A Bachelor of Arts in Media Communication Specialist requires 124 semester hours.  36 hours are required in communication and media communications.

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The School of Fine Arts has a highly qualified and experienced faculty.  

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  • Alpha Psi Omega is the national dramatic honors society which encourages student participation and excellence in theatre.
  • Entry into Wayland’s Kappa Omega chapter requires a minimum GPA of 2.5, and a 3.0 in theatre courses, along with participation in theatre performances.
  • The Speech and Debate Team provides opportunities for students to compete in both individual events and parliamentary debate.
  • In addition to the team’s competitive focus, students will also have service learning opportunities to work with the regional high school speech and debate community as critics, coaches, and mentors.
  • Previous experience in high school is always appreciated but not at all necessary.


  • Advertising Companies
  • Communications Companies
  • Newspapers
  • Private Companies
  • Public Relations
  • Publishing Companies
  • Radio Stations
  • Television Stations

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