Portfolio Review for Visual Arts

Portfolio reviews are a requirement for scholarship eligibility. The art department has scholarships available per semester as well as endowed scholarships which are granted annually. The following suggestions will help you to have a successful portfolio review.

 • Bring between 10 and 20 artworks, made in the last two years. Bring your strongest artworks showcasing different techniques and skills.

 • If you use a sketchbook, bring it. Faculty will want to see how you think in drawing.

 • Present your artwork neatly, and don’t worry about having a formal portfolio case. As long as your artwork is easy to pull out and put back, any sort of case or envelope is fine. If you have pastels or charcoals that are dusty or messy, either spray fix them or use a clear cover on them, or both.

 • Be ready to talk to the faculty representatives.  They will ask you about your artwork, and what you are interested in studying in college. Have questions for the school, not just about the art program, but about things like housing, student financial aid, student programs and work opportunities.

 • Visit the School first in person if possible. Talk to the admissions people, and call or email to set up an appointment on campus or to arrange for the portfolio review.