Student Distinctives

The School of Fine Arts offers unique experiences and opportunities in learning and professionalism in all of its departments.  


The Abraham Family Art Gallery, one of the finest art galleries in the region, frequently displays student works as well as regional and national exhibits.

Art students enjoy immediate and convenient access to exclusive professional art exhibits, which would not be available as part of the required curriculum. At times, decorated artists will visit the Plainview campus along with their exhibits.


Ceramics now offers a course in which invites students travel to New Mexico and take part in an iron pour.

Students craft molds for sculptures in Plainview, pour in New Mexico, and finish their projects on the Plainview campus. This collaboration gives students access to a high fire gas kiln and other updated equipment, and to work with a medium that would otherwise not be accessible.

Graphic Design

Graphic design students have exclusive access to a state of the art Mac lab.


Wayland recently created a debate team through the School of Fine Arts. Students have an opportunity to join a team that is taking off and finding success through competing at regional competitions.  

The communications department also travels regularly to China for course studies—led by faculty member Dr. Yahui Zhang.


Students receive hands-on experience using field specific equipment for journalism, radio, and television. For example, the media department is in charge of live-streaming video from sporting events and other campus functions.

The department has a state-of-the-art video editing system and radio casting equipment.


Wayland’s Fine Arts theatre department participates in the Sacramento Mountain Theatre Collaborative as the only non-professional production allowed in the Spencer Theatre in Alto, N.M.

This gives students, prospective students, and alumni an experience in a professional venue, with professional artists, for a resort-community audience.

The theatre also hosts a 24 Hour Theater festival with students from the region. Area high school students join in for the collaborative, where they work with Wayland students who write, stage and perform an original script -- all within 24 hours.