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Lend Me A Tenor is an insanely funny story about complications and misunderstandings with a twist.

It is 1934. Tito Morelli, the world’s greatest singer comes to perform in Cleveland for a sold-out gala performance. All of the finest people will be there dressed in their finest evening gowns and tuxedos. All will be perfection. Except… Tito is overly excited and the well-meaning event organizers accidentally give him an over-dose of tranquilizers.  Thinking they’ve killed him, the producers seize upon a fantastic scheme to substitute an imposter for the performance.  All is proceeding according to plan until the real Tito wakes up from his sleep and rushes to the theatre. Now we have two performers running around in identical costumes, being chased by starlets, fans, autograph seekers, and the police.
Lend Me A Tenor is a vivid mixture of laughter, jealousy, confusion, and 1930s glamor at its best!

Feb. 27-29 (3 nights:  Thursday, Friday and Saturday) at 7:30

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