Instrumental Music (Grades Early Childhood - 12th)

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The Bachelor of Music degree in All-Level Instrumental Education is available at the following locations:

About this Program

The instrumental music education degree is an interdisciplinary program that requires study in both the School of Education and the School of Music and leads to a Texas state teaching certification to teach instrumental music in Early Childhood through 12th grade.

The instrumental music education degree program provides students opportunities to gain experience from tutoring or assistant teaching, as well as extensive training through field-based observation. To best prepare for a career in the classroom, instrumental music education majors often prepare and deliver unit presentations in class.

To help them fully embrace the interdisciplinary nature of the instrumental music education program, majors enhance their learning experience through membership in the student organizations of both the School of Education and the School of Music. 

Students seeking a bachelor’s degree in music education will complete 54 hours of upper-level study compiled from professional education courses like Principles and Practices in Education and field-specific studies such as Conducting, Vocal Pedagogy, and History and Literature of Western Music.


A Bachelor of Music Education Degree in instrumental music for teaching all grades requires 124 course hours.  A state test must be taken in order to do student teaching.  Music and education courses are required for this degree.

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The School of Education has a highly qualified and experienced faculty.

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  • NAfME – National Association for Music Educators
  • Students pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Choral Music Education or Bachelor of Music in Instrumental Music Education are invited to join.
    Students take part in activities such as attending the state education conference, mentoring area high school students, and developing arts advocacy skills and other professional skills.


  • Pre-School Music Teacher
  • Elementary Music Teacher
  • Middle School Music Teacher
  • High School Music Teacher
  • Band Director
  • Private Music Teacher


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