EPP Formal Complaint Procedure

Wayland Baptist University in cooperation with the Texas Education Agency has provided a means for appropriately filing a complaint and maintaining the records.

TAC Chapter 19 228.70 "Purpose. Texas Education Agency (TEA) staff shall maintain a process through which a candidate or former candidate in an educator preparation program (EPP), an applicant for candidacy in an EPP, an employee or former employee of an EPP, a cooperating teacher, a mentor, a site supervisor, or an administrator in a public or private school that serves as a site for clinical teaching, internship, or practicum experiences may submit, in accordance with subsection (c)(1) of this section, a complaint about an EPP for investigation and resolution."

We encourage students who are part of the Educator Preparation Program to resolve complaints/issues in a timely manner at the point of origin. If the complaint is not resolved at the point of origin, the procedure for filing a complaint is stated below. If a student has a course issue or grade appeal, the process for submitting a grade appeal can be found in the catalog.

If a local district partner or WBU partner has a complaint about a professor or student in our program, they should first contact the departmental Director of Field Experiences. If the partner does not find the resolution agreeable, he or she should notify the Dean of the Educator Preparation Program.

For any unresolved complaints, please complete the Formal Complaint form and submit to the Dean's Administrative Assistant in Van Howeling Education Complex.

Procedure for filing a formal complaint:

A formal written complaint may be filed by submitting a completed Formal Complaint Form (hyperlink to complaint form) to the Dean of the Don A. Williams School of Education or the Dean's Administrative Assistant. The form should be completed in its entirety including a description of the complaint, the date(s) on which the problem became evident, and a description of the desired outcome.

The office of the Dean will send a written acknowledgement of the receipt of the complaint to the individual via University-provided email within seven (7) working days of receipt.

If the concern is program related, the Dean will arrange a meeting with the individual and the faculty member and/or person whose responsibilities include that part of the program. In all cases, the Dean's Administrative Assistant will be present to keep accurate minutes of the meeting.

A copy of the form submitted and the outcome of the meeting with the Dean will be sent to the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

If the matter is still not resolved in a satisfactory manner according to the complainant, the Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) may meet with all involved to try to come to an agreeable conclusion. The VPAA may assign a special committee to rule on the complaint. The VPAA will present a ruling on the complaint within 30 calendar days of receipt of the complaint. The VPAA will inform the individual making the complaint and notify the Dean of Education in writing (may be via email) of the committee's decision.

If the issue cannot be resolved or you want more information, more information about filing a complaint with the Texas Education Agency can be found at this address: www.tea.texas.gov/texas-educators/preparation-and-continuing-education/complaints-against-educator-preparation-programs.

Complaints may address educator preparation program requirements listed in Texas Administrative Code (TAC) in chapters 227, 228, 229, ethics (TAC 247) fingerprinting (TAC227, 232) and certification (TAC230,231, 232, 239, 241, 242).

Texas Administrative Code228.70

EPP Complaint Form