Religion: General Christian Studies, B.A.

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About this Program

The general Christian studies religion degree provides a theoretical, historical, and practical foundation in religious studies. It also invites further theological education through biblical and theological training.

Students seeking a religion degree develop skills for leading ministry within churches, through courses based in a background of both religion and religious education.

The general Christian studies program requires students take 39 semester hours of major specific courses, with a core of 27 required hours. Religion degree seekers are offered a variety of exciting course work, including Christian Theology, Christian ethics, Christian Leadership, Supervised Ministry, and more.


A Bachelor of Arts in Religion: General Christian Studies requires 124 course hours. A total of 42 hours must be from upper-level courses.

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The School of Christian Studies has a highly qualified and experienced faculty.

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  • Pastor
  • Church staff member
  • Bible translator
  • Staff member of religious based school
  • Religious writer or reporter