Composite Religion, B.A.

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About this Program

The composite religion degree provides a theoretical, historical, and practical foundation in Christian studies. It also invites further theological education through biblical and theological training.

With a Composite Religion, B.A., you will develop skills for leading ministry within the local church with courses based in both religion and religious education. Students in the composite religion program will take 48 hours in study courses like Christian Theology, Christian Ethics, Christian Leadership, Supervised Ministry, and many more.

The School of Christian Studies’s composite religion degree will help students develop a strong biblical, theological and historical foundation, as well as focusing on spiritual formation.


A Bachelor of Arts in Composite Religion requires 124 course hours. A total of 42 hours must be from upper-level courses.

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The School of Christian Studies has a highly qualified and experienced faculty.

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  • Pastor
  • Church staff member
  • Bible translator
  • Staff member of religious based school
  • Religious writer or reporter