Sports Management, B.B.A.

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A Bachelor of Business with a specialization in Sports Management is available at the following campuses:

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When you seek a sports management degree, you combine your love for sports and physical activity with business-oriented career goals. A specialization in sports management opens doors for students in administrative roles for professional, college or community sports and athletic programs.

Students specializing in this program are required to take 24 hours of sports management courses, along with several core business classes, that prepare them for a variety of careers. Courses include topics such as sociology and psychology of sports and physical activity, legal aspects of sports, sport communication, promotion, and marketing. The sports management degree is offered only on the Plainview campus.


A Bachelor of Business Degree with a specialization in Sports Management requires 124 course hours, 42 of which must be upper-level courses.  24 hours of exercise and sports science and management courses are required as well.

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The School of Business has a highly qualified and experienced faculty.

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Organizations - Enactus -- International

  • Provides students the chance to make international connections with academic and business leaders.
  • Offers students the chance to implement entrepreneurial projects around the globe while changing lives.
  • Promotes business-based projects that empower people to transform opportunities into sustainable profit for themselves and their community.
  • Encourages students to develop essential leadership skills.
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  • Coach
  • Fitness director
  • Sport photographer/ Photojournalist
  • Physical therapist
  • Umpire/Referee
  • Recreation worker
  • Sporting event planner/ coordinator
  • Sports psychologist
  • Statistician

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August 22, 2018

Classes Begin on Plainview...

Classes Begin on Plainview Campus
All Day Plainview Campus

August 29, 2018


Convocation ChapelHarral Auditorium11:00am Classes will be dismissed at 10:30am to allow time for all to arrive at the Harral. Administration, Fa...
11am - 12pm, Harral Auditorium

August 30, 2018

Enactus Free Pizza and Priz...

Enactus will be hosting a free pizza party August 30, 2018 at 7 PM in the School of Business Nunn Auditorium.EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!!  We will also...
7pm - 10am,

April 12, 2019

Honors Luncheon

Honors LuncheonUniversity Center, Room 211 (UC211) 
12pm - 1:30pm, University Center - Room 211

April 26, 2019

Honors Luncheon

Honors LuncheonUniversity Center, Room 211 (UC211)
12pm - 1:30pm, University Center, Room 211

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