Business Administration, B.A.

About this Program

A Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree offers immense versatility in career choices. Business administration majors have the freedom to tailor their own education by aligning junior and senior level courses with specific career goals. The Bachelor of Arts degree differs from the Bachelor of Business Administration program by giving students the opportunity to select one of our many diverse minor programs within a different academic discipline. This approach broadens a student’s perspective and scope of curriculum.  

In contrast, the Bachelor in Business Administration allows students to explore the wide world that a business degree has to offer, while focusing on one main area of interest within the School of Business.

With small class sizes and individualized attention from skilled professors, students will navigate a variety of courses that will prepare them for the exciting challenge of the business world. Majors can expect to learn about the economics, ethics, and strategies that lead to business success.


A Business Administration, B.A. requires 124 semester hours.  A minimum of 42 hours must be upper-level business courses.

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The School of Business has a highly qualified and experienced faculty.   

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Organizations - Enactus -- International

  • Provides students the chance to make international connections with academic and business leaders.
  • Offers students the chance to implement entrepreneurial projects around the globe while changing lives.
  • Promotes business-based projects that empower people to transform opportunities into sustainable profit for themselves and their community.
  • Encourages students to develop essential leadership skills.
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  • Administrative Services Management
  • Benefits Administrator
  • Branch Management
  • Business Teaching, Post-secondary
  • Credit Management/Loan Officer
  • Economics Teaching, Post-secondary
  • General Management – Food-service and retail industries
  • Hotel Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Insurance Sales/Brokering
  • Logistics Management Office Management
  • Property/Real Estate Management
  • Public Administration

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