Masters in Business Administration, M.B.A.

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A master's degree in business administration is available online or face-to-face through the following locations:

About this Program

The master’s in business administration program is designed to meet the needs of motivated individuals who seek heightened positions of leadership in business and industry.

This program promotes effective management in today’s dynamic business environment. Students develop techniques for decision making based on pertinent data, incorporating responsibility and ethical practices.

The M.B.A. is a 48-hour program, consisting of foundational core courses, like Research Methods or Strategic Management, and field-specific courses from the student’s chosen specialization.

  • Accounting - The accounting specialization provides opportunities for career advancement, especially in the fields of financial analysis and tax accounting.
  • General Business - Receive master’s-level training in a vast array of business courses that will advance students’ field knowledge and career opportunities. This degree offers students the freedom to customize the specialization to best fit their career advancement goals.
  • Health Care Administration - The health care administration specialization gives students the opportunity to advance their careers in the health sector to upper management and administration in a variety of locales, including hospitals, primary care facilities, nursing homes, insurance companies, and government health care agencies.
  • Human Resource Management - The human resource is the fundamental element in the U.S. economy. An MBA in human resource management prepares students to effectively manage the labor force of any workplace, large or small, by emphasizing analytical skills as well as communication and organizational development.
  • Management - The management specialization is tailored to students who wish to proceed to a supervisory position in any business organization. Curriculum is compiled from core courses like Managerial Economics, and field-specific courses, such as Diversity Management.
  • Management Information Systems - Managing the information technology world is key to success in any modern business. Information systems elements support organizational framework for human resources, finance, accounting, security and all other technology-based operations. This program increases students’ marketability in the realm of senior management.
  • Project Management - The project management specialization is geared toward professionals interested in business development and focuses on issues of development in field-specific courses like Managing Complex Projects.

In Wayland’s Health Care Administration degrees’ students are preparing to become professionals managing a variety of Health Care Administration organizations including Clinic facilities, stand- alone Hospitals, Hospital Districts, Hospital Authorities, local and federal Hospitals and both non-profit and for-profit facilities, including publically held and private hospitals. Instruction for managing both acute care and chronic care health facilities is available. Curriculum is also offered for aspiring professionals managing the nation’s Nursing Homes and Assisted Living facilities. These latter two organizational facilities require the licensure of managers on the Federal and often State levels as well. The examinations for such licenses are administered by the National Association of Boards of Long Term Care Administration (NAB).  The exams cover five Domains of care including:

  • Resident Care and Quality of Life
  • Human Resources
  • Health Care Finance
  • The Health Care Environment
  • Leadership and Management

In addition to such classroom study, an Internship in an approved facility under a designated preceptor is required by the licensing bodies, usually consisting of 1,000 hours of practicum. Such licensure requirements differ between Nursing Homes and Assisted Living facilities and also by the respective state of licensure.  These differences may be viewed by accessing the following web sites: 

Wayland has offered for over thirty years degrees in Health Care Administration in response to its mission to educate students in an academically challenging, learning focused and distinctively Christian environment for professional success and service to God and humankind.


The MBA requires 48 semester hours.  Your specialization will determine how many hours in that area you are required.  Below is a sample of the Accounting specialization degree plan.


Core Courses

Core courses for the MBA include; accounting, business admin., economics, management, marketing, finance, and management information systems.