Wayland performs as a teaching institution; in keeping with the School of Business’ mission, we exist first to educate students.

The Master of Arts in Human Resource Management aligns with the curriculum requirements of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Following with SHRM standards directly contributes to a professional’s success in their certification programs. Also, the School of Business undergraduate business programs support the viability of a wide range of careers outside of a traditional business field, such as sports management and mission work, and in some programs, such as the accounting program, students may sit for state exams like the CPA soon after graduating. Other undergraduate options also include Cyber Security and Management Information Systems where students can obtain industry-standard certifications through coursework.

For students hoping to perform business practices during their studies, the on-campus Enactus group provides students an opportunity to engage in international business directly by helping Kenyan entrepreneurs develop sound business practices through periodic visits and partnering with them to market items in the United States. They also assist local businesses through consulting.

Additionally, many students in the School of Business take advantage of paid summer internships with local and international businesses. These internships often result in excellent job offers upon graduation.

Wayland’s School of Business offers generous transfer, completion options to students — giving our students a better chance to finish their degree and begin lucrative careers.