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As the largest area of undergraduate study, the administration of justice degree offered in the School of Behavioral and Social Sciences offers students a broad range of vocational opportunities.

Through criminal justice courses geared toward practicum studies and career placement, students participate in mock trials, subject-specific moot courts, and mock crime scene investigations.

Students participating in this program are also offered a wide range of hybrid classes, which allows them to complete coursework online and face-to-face while on campus. Students seeking an administration of justice degree must complete 30 semester hours in their major field, of which 24 must be upper-level credit.

There are also two unique specializations offered through this criminal justice major: a law enforcement specialization and a legal studies specialization. Each of these programs takes a unique angle on the administration of justice degree, offering students different career paths with each area of study.


The Bachelor of Arts in Justice Administration requires 124 course hours.  30 hours of Justice Administration courses are required, with 24 being upper-level.

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The School of Behavioral and Social Sciences has a highly qualified and experienced faculty. 

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  • Anti-money laundering operations analyst
  • ATF agent
  • Bailiff
  • Background screening analyst
  • Computer forensic specialist
  • Conservation officer
  • Digital Forensics examiner
  • Federal Air Marshal
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent
  • Homicide Detective

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