Human Services B.A.S.

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The Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Services is available fully online and at the following campus locations:

About this Program

Do you want to make a positive impact on people’s lives? Are you passionate about connecting people to the resources they need and helping them make meaningful changes in their everyday lives? Do you enjoy working with children, the elderly, the disabled, and other vulnerable populations? If so, then a degree in Human Services might be for you.

At Wayland, our BAS in Human Services major offers an inter-disciplinary approach for students interested in interpersonal, cultural, and community relations. Students have the flexibility to customize their degree towards their area of interest and focus on areas such as: child and family agencies, substance abuse treatment programs, behavioral health centers, mental health centers, child protective services, women’s protective services, victim advocacy agencies, family support services, social services, community-based services, and programs for youth, the elderly, and developmentally and physically disabled individuals.

This program is offered as a specialization within the Bachelor of Applied Science degree. Students can earn up to 12 credit hours for qualified work experience when seeking the B.A.S. degree, with additional credit possible for specialized training.


Students majoring in Human Services for a B.A.S. degree must complete 36 semester hours, of which 18 must be upper-level credit. 

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Required courses for a BAS in Human Services include a mix of Psychology and Sociology courses, in addition to Criminal Justice Administration and Social Sciences elective options.