Master of Legal Studies, M.L.S

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The Master of Legal Studies degree is available fully online. Students may be advised through any of the following campus locations:

About this Program

The Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degree at Wayland is geared towards practical knowledge and application of the law in a variety of job settings and everyday life. Students interested in becoming paralegals and lawyers are well-positioned to do so after obtaining the MLS degree, but the degree is also useful to business professionals in general. The MLS is designed to enhance the effectiveness of a broad spectrum of professionals whose work involves regulations, negotiations, policy and procedures, working with lawyers, and, understanding legal issues pertinent to community and work place environments. This program is not restricted to students who wish to work primarily in a legal field, but is geared towards students who wish to obtain versatile skills that can be applied to a wide-range of jobs, especially for individuals in, or hoping to acquire, administrative positions. After completing the Master of Legal Studies program, students will have a better understanding of the laws that impact their communities, schools and universities, organizations, businesses, families, and their everyday lives.

Sample Courses:

LGLS 5303 - Employment Law

LGLS 5305 - Contracts

LGLS 5314 - Real Estate Law

LGLS 5315 - Family Law

LGLS 5318 - Wills and Trusts

Students pursuing the Master of Legal Studies degree may also specialize in the following area:

Sexual Misconduct/Title IX

This specialization teaches students to become proactive in considering and responding to all aspects of a Title IX/Sexual Misconduct incident including: the events leading up to an assault, how to investigate an assault allegation, how to intervene and advocate for victims, and developing an understanding of the laws that apply to sexual assault and Title IX cases. Students will look at multiple aspects of sexual assault, sexual misconduct, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and sexual harassment. Our program is also unique in its approach, with courses taught by social workers, lawyers, and Title IX experts to help give students a diverse educational experience.

Sample Courses:

CRIJ 5315 - Trauma-Informed Investigations

HMNS 5312 - Victim Advocacy

LGLS 5309 - Title IX

Title IX Training Certificate

Students interested in the Title IX Training Certificate may pursue that option as part of the Sexual Misconduct/Title IX Specialization in the Masters of Legal Studies degree, or as a non-degree certificate option. Those interested in the Title IX Training Certificate are often professionals who either currently deal with Title IX, sexual assault, and/or domestic violence-related matters, or, are interested in pursuing career advancement and could benefit from additional training in these areas. This certificate covers a range of areas related to sexual assault, including how to investigate reports, advocate for victims, and understand the laws that apply in such cases.

Catalog Information:

Title IX Training Certificate




Possible Careers

  • Associate Operations Director
  • Contract Administrator
  • Financial Crime Consultant
  • HIPPA Officer
  • Human Resources Manager or Director
  • Investigator
  • Legal Consultant
  • Legal Analyst
  • Senior Business Analysis
  • Senior Compliance Officer or Director
  • Senior Contract Negotiator
  • Title IX Coordinator