Bachelor of Science in Nursing, B.S.N.


The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a traditional nursing degree. After completing the university’s general education core, students engage in a seven term, two year nursing degree program where they experience successful learning in small, individualized courses, along with clinical studies performed in a state-of-the-art facility. The degree includes face-to-face clinical studies and labs.

All courses at Wayland’s School of Nursing are led by experienced, caring instructors who strive to provide a complete, quality education to each individual student in positive learning environment. This program does not require an LVN. Applicants must complete an application to the RN program, as well as the general admissions application for B.S.N. studies.

Applicants to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program must have completed the Hepatitis B series before the program’s commencement, as well as doing a drug screening and background check.

Course Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing requires the 43 semester hours of University Core Courses.  A minor is not required for a B.S.N.  Students should be prepared to do clinical work as part of the degree program.  

27 additional hours are required for the nursing program.  

  • BIOL 2305
  • BIOL 3310
  • BIOL 3411
  • BIOL 2408
  • BIOL 2409
  • COSC 2311
  • PSYC 2301
  • RSWR 3345


General Education Core Course Requirements

Course Requirements Course Hours
@ENGL 1301, 1302 and 3 hours from a literature course 9
HIST 1303, 1304, 2301, 2302 6
Pick One Course - ECON 2307, EDUC 2307, GEOG 1301, GEOG 1302, PHIL 1301, PSYC 1301, or Soci 1301 3
Pick One Course - ART 1301, ART 2302, MUSI 1301, MUSI 1303, MUSI 3302, MUSI 3305, MUSI 3306, MUSI 3307, THEA 1303, FINAR 2401 3
**Math 1304 or higher 3
Science - Laboratory Science 4
POLS 2301 3
COMS 1301,1303, 2302, 2303 3
*RLGN 1301 or 1303 and  1302 or 1304 6
UNIV 1100 1
Total 43

*Wayland Baptist University will not accept RLGN 1301, Old Testament History, or RLGN 1302, New Testament History, or their equivalents, from any institution except other Baptist universities. In no case will either of these two courses be accepted if they were taken by correspondence. The School of Religion & Philosophy must approve any exception to this policy.

**Remedial level courses may not be used to fulfill the mathematics requirement. Equivalents to MATH 1300 or above may be used.

@Must be taken within first year of enrollment.