Associate of Arts, A.A.


Students seeking an associate’s degree in the arts from Wayland will find many opportunities to expand their perspective through the diversified areas study available to them. The Associate of Arts degree provides students with a broad, well-rounded base of knowledge, skills, and expertise which are specific to the arts, humanities, and social sciences, while also allowing them to add elective courses to their degree plans from the language, math, and science fields.

Coursework for the Associate of Arts degree concentrates on proficient spoken and written communication; attaining a solid understanding of written material--fictional, non-fictional, and historical; and innovative, practical application of theories studied in the classroom.  This prepares students to track directly into a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (education) degree program.

 Within the Associate of Arts degree program, the Wayland family aims to help students establish strong relationship-building skills and develop a studious mindset which will fuel them through the completion of their associate’s degree, and possibly beyond, through expertly designed courses. As a result, Associate of Arts recipients graduate from Wayland well prepared to enter bachelor degree programs, to go to work, or to enter specialized training programs in the entry levels their fields.

Course Requirements

The Associate of Arts Degree requires 60 semester hours.  A minimum of 15 hours must be taken at Wayland.  This degree gives students the opportunity to go directly into a bachelors program.  6 hours of a foreign language and 3 hours of a fine art course are required.