Phoenix Area Libraries

Arizona State University West – Fletcher Library

Location: 4701 W. Thunderbird Road, Phoenix, AZ 85306
Phone: (602) 543-8501
Web Site:

Notes: Excellent collection of books, journals and databases. Your WBU campus will reimburse the cost of the card.

Gateway Community College Library

Location: 108 N. 40th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034
Phone: (602) 286-8454
Web Site:

Notes: Library cards are available free of charge to Maricopa County residents over the age of 18.

Glendale Public Library

Location: 5959 West Brown St., Glendale, AZ 85302
Phone: (623) 930-3530
Web Site:

Notes: 3 branches. You may obtain a free library card if you live in Maricopa County. If you live outside Maricopa County, you will be charged a fee for a card.

Luke Air Force Base Library

Location: 7424 N. Homer Dr., Bld. 219, Luke AFB, AZ 85309
Phone: (623) 856-7191
Web Site:

Notes: Civilian WBU students can have access.

Maricopa County Library District

Location: 2700 North Central Avenue, Suite 700, Phoenix, AZ 85004 (Administrative Offices)
Phone: (602) 652-3000
Web Site:

Notes: 14 branches. Library cards are freely available to people with proof of residence in Maricopa County.

Phoenix College – Fannin Library

Location: 1202 W. Thomas Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85013
Phone: (602) 285-7473
Web Site:

Notes: A Maricopa Community College District Library. Maricopa County residents may request a community borrowers' card. Photo ID and proof of residence is necessary.

Phoenix Public Library – Burton Barr Central Library

Location: 1221 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85004
Phone: (602) 261-6157
Web Site:

Notes: 17 branches. A free library card is available to all Maricopa County residents.

South Mountain Community College Library

Location: 7050 South 24th St., Phoenix, AZ 85042
Phone: (602) 243-8194
Web Site:

Notes: A Maricopa Community College District Library. Free community borrowers' cards are available. Evidence of residence in Maricopa County must be provided by showing a valid State of Arizona picture ID. Community borrowers' cards may be used at any of the Maricopa Community College Libraries. Each of the MCCCD libraries have different policies regarding check-out, overdue fines, etc.