Videos and Tutorials

Library websites are often confusing with the incredibly large number and diversity of resources you encounter within them. These videos and tutorials will help point you in the right direction.

Tutorials are best viewed on a PC or Mac browser. Some tutorials may not work with mobile devices.

Instructional Videos

Introduction to the Library Catalog

The Library Catalog—Advanced Search

Using Interactive Tutorials

Some tutorials have a live component where you learn to use the resource alongside a set of instructions. View this video to learn how they work.

Using the Library Online

View a comprehensive tutorial that covers how to use all of our online services.

Tutorials about Books and e-Books

How to Search the Wayland Library Catalog to Request Books

Click on this link to begin an interactive tutorial that will guide you through the process of requesting books from the Wayland Library. 

Thank you for using Wayland Baptist University Library resources.

Searching E-Books on EBSCOhost

Among the many online resources available to you at the Wayland Library, you have access to two collections of eBooks.

Complete a short interactive tutorial to learn how to access eBooks in our eBooks on EBSCOhost collection.

Searching for the Interpretation Commentary Series

Complete the following guided search to find and access the Interpretation, a Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching eBook.