Study Abroad

As a member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), Wayland Baptist University participates in the program. CCCU's offers students an opportunity to experience the real world and share their faith in either an international or national environment. The Culture Shaping program focuses on participating in the American Studies Program, Contemporary Music Center, Washington Journalism Center, and the Los Angeles Film Studies Center. The Culture Crossing program has an international focus with China Studies Program, Latin American Studies, Middle East Studies, the Scholars' Semester in Oxford, Russian Studies, Oxford Summer, Australia Studies Centre, and Uganda Studies.

Credit is available for participation in these programs. Students interested in participating in should contact the registrars office for more information. Federal financial aid is available for students doing study-abroad programs and should contact the Financial Aid office for more information.

In addition our schools offer study tours for course credit.

Don Williams School of Education

In past years, the department has traveled to Ecuador and Belize on tours that offered students as many as seven credit hours in two disciplines while exposing them to diverse cultural experiences.

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School of Business

Enactus is a student organization in the School of Business that has traveled to Kenya. They have assisted locals with starting up businesses.

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School of Languages and Literature

By participating in the School of Languages and Literature's annual United Kingdom study tour during the May-micro term, students can earn course credit while experiencing the beauty and history of UK, led by knowledgeable and caring faculty.

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School of Religion and Philosophy

In addition to many domestic and international mission opportunities, the School of Religion and Philosophy offers international, Biblically-based study tours as often as student interest will allow.

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