Academic Achievement

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About this Program

Academic Achievement courses are designed to prepare students for the rigors of college coursework. Candidates for this program are outstanding potential graduates who need a little extra instructional help to achieve their goals.

Courses in subjects such as writing, math, reading, and study skills are designed to build stronger, sharper students ready to succeed in college and in the world.

Wayland offers highly qualified and available faculty to teach these courses, and some approved courses are available online. We also offer computer-based lab exercises to reinforce reading and writing skills learned in our face-to-face classes.

Recent statistics show that a large number of Wayland students who participated in Academic Achievement courses made forward progress in their degree plan.

Twenty percent of Spring 2014 graduates started in an Academic Achievement (ACAC) class, and 16-17% of Fall 2015 graduates began their college career with ACAC courses.

 Academic Achievement courses offered.  

  • ACAC 0331 - Writing II
  • ACAC 0330 - Writing I
  • ACAC 0322 College Reading 1
  • ACAC 0325 College Reading 1
  • ACAC 0326 Elementary Algebra
  • ACAC 0325 Pre-Algebra